Membership to the Society brings a number of benefits. 

Regular Newsletters - Our newsletters contain many pages of silver-related information, ranging from academic articles to auctions results. These are a resource in themselves. 

Access to Members Only Trips - Once or twice a year, trips are organised to various locations around Australia. These trips include behind the scenes access to Museums and Collections, as well as seeing a number of places of historical interest. Previous trips have included Adelaide, Bathurst and Melbourne. 

Regular meetings in Sydney and Melbourne - Also, if you are in Sydney or Melbourne, we have regular members meetings every second month. These are a great opportunity to hear an informative talk and see various pieces of silver brought in by other members. 

Access to Research Materials - Each member of the Society is able to borrow books and other resource material which is held in our archives. A list of these is downloadable in the document below. There are also a number of experts in a number of silver areas that are often more than willing to share some of their knowledge. 

Society_Library_Archive.pdf (PDF 179 KB)


The Silver Society of Australia invites those who are interested in joining the Society to download the Membership Application form below and email it to the Secretary.

Those wishing to be sponsored by a current member may do so by having the current member submit the application on their behalf. Once received, the application will be reviewed by the executive committee.

Current members of the Society can bring new potential members to our meetings in Sydney or Melbourne.

To download an Application Form please download the form below.

Please send the completed form to the Society Secretary listed in the contact pages.




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