Throughout the year the Silver Society publishes a bi-monthly newsletter for its members.  These newsletters are sent as either paper copies through the post or on email and are scheduled to arrive 2 weeks prior to our bi-monthly meetings.  Members who have submitted articles for inclusion into the newsletter have had a number of these reproduced here.


May 2011

Brilliant Australian Gold & Silver 1850 - 1950

This recently published and limited available book is a resource for silver collectors. The Powerhouse curator and co-author will speak about how this book came about and will highlight the story of gold and silversmithing in goldrush Australia. 

Brilliant - Australian Gold & Silver 1850-1950 (2010/11 article) (PDF 194 KB) This article was first published in the Summer 2010-11 (December) issue of Powerline, the magazine of the Powerhouse Museum.

    September 2010

Marks on Australian Silver 1950 - 2005

The author spoke to the Silver Society on this unique book which took over 8 years of research to bring to print. This book is the only reference book available to clearly identify the makers’ and retailers’ marks on Australian silverware made between 1950 and 2005. Resproduced is an article and as this book is available for sale by the author we have included an order form for your convenience.
Marks on Australian Silver 1950 - 2005 (order form) (PDF 94 KB)

Marks on Australian Silver 1950 - 2005 (Silver Magazine - Jason Price book review) (PDF 219 KB)

This book is published by Parker Press Books.


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